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Thread: What Does This Mean?

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    What does this mean,"Download-Participation Level:Low (7)" and does it make a differance to my slow downloads. Why oh why do my downloads connect with user,but no uploads,I wish they would stop jumping around so much. Not allowed to use all other ways of connecting to fast speeds ie bittorent etc as it's not my computer and boyfriend hates me using Zupernodes anyway.

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    Download the FAQ's here
    You will find your answer in there.
    But it doesn't effect the speeds of your downloads.
    And you can always change the settings in k-lite options so that your participationlevel is always at 1000(k-litemaster).

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    If you are on the Clean Kazaa v2.6 then you may not be able to use the PL=1000 hack. That hack only applied to KL++ versions.

    However, you can reset your PL to 100 if you remove the registry entry for PL.
    (I think it's disguised as lasthash or something similar...)

    Kazaa with think it was just reinstalled and default to PL=100.

    This will ONLY affect your download speeds from regular Kazaa v2.0.2 or later and KL++ which are not using the PL=1000 hack.


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