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Thread: Re-installing Kazaalite

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    I have just bought a new HD and will be moving over all files I wish to keep over to the new one, my question is in the past everytime I have formatted and put Klite back on it has lost all the individual descriptions, artists & album titles. I share over 900 files and it loses around 300 discriptions etc, is there anyway I can save these so I dont have to type in each one back in as it takes hours and is very time consuming.

    Thanks In Advance for any help.

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    Sorry mate, but I think the answer is no.

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    I was only hoping that something could be done. The only thing that made me think it could be done was that if you un-install Klite and re-install it always kept them but not if you format your HD and then install Klite it lost them. I was thinking maybe some sought of reg key stored them?

    My other question if anyone could help, when downloading video files like movies they sometimes stop playing. They either: picture freezes and audio continues or it just freezes all together and I have to start the file again about 10 seconds later. What I am asking is there any software than can check and repair files so they work properly. Its just I am buying a DVD burner and want to transfer them over.



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