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Thread: Xp 2600+ @2.133

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    I have a xp2600 @2.133 on a msi 6390 motherboard. How would i go about clocking ti a little faster? How would i get into the bios? It seems to locked. would i need a software crack or remove some jumpers on the board? thanks B) B)

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    Unlock it with this:

    And to get into your BIOS, press the [DEL] while you bootup.

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    You know, I just downloaded his manual, and was looking through it, and I dont really see a place to select the Multiplier, which would mean the speed strip is pointless.

    The only CPU clocking options it seems to give you, is to be able to select the FSB of the Dram. To do that you go into Advanced Chipset Features -> Dram Clock/Drive Control -> and then select the Dram Clock option. Its probably set on SPD right now, but you can select it to either 100, or 133Mhz.

    Probably wont help you much though.


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