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Thread: Edwatch Error

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    Hey all

    I have downloaded edwatch to view preview movies in overnet lite. I think I got it installed right but I keep getting this error when I try to preview from edwatch..

    You need to define a temporary directory in
    " configuration / AviPreview & VLC utilites "

    What am I doing Wrong ???

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    where can i get this "edwatch" for overnet and is it possible to use another previewer like videolan do you know?

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    Got edwatch Here And I dont know about videola, sorry

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    thank you for the link

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    ok you need to make a folder anywhere(My docs will do) and call it "edwatch temp" then you need to browse this ---->" configuration / AviPreview & VLC utilites " to the location of the folder we just created..this is where avi preview creates a copy of what your gonna preview [/I]before[I] you see it in avi/videolan.
    make sure the box is ticked to delete the file after preview is finished
    Hope that helps..I got videolan to work from that link u gave me..
    try this link for instructions if mine arent clear enough ----->

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    Got it Thanks...


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