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Thread: How To Know...

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    I have the problem of being firewalled, i want to make a port forwarding, but dont know what kind of router i have. where do u search for that.
    i have not bought a router my self, i have a cable modem witch my provider sent me, its model number is EC110.

    I hope someone can help, thanks. :helpsmile:

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    Did you even run a search in Yahoo?

    I found this one on my first attempt. Unless you're ISP is Spanish, I have no idea what router you are using. Click here for link.

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    I did a search and i did see that page, but that doesent tell me what kind of router i have.
    My question is how can you find out what kind of router u have. it is not written in the cable modem manuel.

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    I think i found something, cisco cmts.
    does anybody know how to do this.


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