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Thread: Do You Eat The Furry Ones?

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    This may be a topic that has been beaten, marianated and saute'ed to death, but it has just come to a head in my life.

    My best friend has made a decision to be Vegan. Not just vegetarian, but hard core Vegan. He does not eat any product made using animal by-products. Even white viniger that is distilled and filtered through bone meal. (Which is about 80% or more of available vinigars out tere.)

    I , on the other hand , not only love meat, but have no compunctions about killing, butchering and eating just about anything worth hunting. I love animal flesh in almost all of it's forms. I love leather and the feel of real leather. I do not even hesitate to eat a steak, or fillet, regardless of what animal was killed in order for me to enjoy it. I understand the reality of death in the world or life.... Shit, even disney does!

    either way, enough about my situation, what do you eat, and how do you feel about it?

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    Veggy all the way - I don't think we should horribly kill animals just so we can enjoy a bite to eat.

    Humans are so bloody self-important; we have to realise that animals have as much right to live as we do.

    If you would actually slaughter an animal with your bare hands so you can eat it, then I can respect that. But if you wouldn't kill daisy so you can have your Big Mac, then you're just a scavenging carrion-eater, I'm afraid...

    Please direct flames to my email - don't wanna clutter up the board!

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    I'm a vegetarian too (not vegan) and i use animal friendly cosmetics as much as i can
    I can talk for days about why everybody should do it, but would be a waste of time

    I dont know at what point mankind took over the world en decided that they made the rules about who deserves to live and who doesnt..... i think its sad.

    And for all of you who are about to say that we 'need' meat, dont, because it's a lie!

    But think of this one, with the food we give to our cows, pigs and chickens, the WHOLE world could be fed

    Every day, 840 million people around the world, including 200 million children, go hungry. But much of the world's grain harvest—40 percent—is used to feed livestock, not people. U.S. livestock alone consume about one-third of the world's total grain harvest, as well as more than 70 percent of the grain grown in the United States. Raising animals for food is much less efficient than growing vegetables, grain, or beans. For example, a cow grazing on one acre of land produces enough meat to sustain a person two and a half months; soybeans grown on that same acre would nourish a person for seven years. The beef in just one Big Mac represents enough wheat to make five loaves of bread. Many researchers believe that vegetarianism is the only way to feed a growing human population. A Population Reference Bureau report stated, "If everyone adopted a vegetarian diet and no food were wasted, current [food] production would theoretically feed 10 billion people, more than the projected population for the year 2050."

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    i dont eat the furry ones, i only eat the clean shaven ones

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    When you watch those National Geographic's wild life programs you'll see that the lions, tigers, crocs and all the other meat eating animals have absolutely no mercy on killing other animals, wether they are babies or adults.
    Have you ever watched one of those episodes when a lion catches one of the little zebras and then the other lions come and join in, tearing apart its flesh, while the other zebras watch from distance?
    Don't tell me that's not cruel?

    As I see it, we are animals just like those lions and zebras, no more nor less.
    If you ask me, I don't think humans are that cruel when killing animals, although I do agree they should be better treated by some.
    Besides, it's to eat them. We're all a part of the food chain, you know.

    You want to help animals?
    Stop those bastards in Canada from killing seals just for their skins, stop the ones who hunt for fur or sport, wiping out all of the endangerous species.
    Stop also those bastards who conduct tests on animals.
    You should worry about those ones and take some action, not the ones who kill to eat.

    If you want to be a Vegan or Vegetarian that's fine, it's your choice.
    Just don't come telling that humans are cruel about killing animals, when Mother Nature is A LOT more cruel...

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    I am an omnivore, as nature intended. All of this stuff about you have to kill it to eat it is a fallacy. That is not how we evolved. Otherwise the females and the children would have died. The males hunted and killed, to provide for themselves, their females and offspring. We wouldn't be here now if that were not the case. At the very least we would be a different species.

    We are hunter / gatherers. We live on the flesh of other species. This supplies our protein. We also eat vegetables. This gives us a balanced diet. We thrive, we are the dominant species.

    I support anyone else's choice to have a different lifestyle. I expect the same from them.

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    Originally posted by summerlinda@28 February 2003 - 01:13
    I'm a vegetarian too (not vegan) and i use animal friendly cosmetics as much as i can...
    I hope you don't live in an old building with hot water heat. Chances are, that there are probably still some leather gaskets in those old pipe fittings.

    Leather is also used as belts for large belt driven machinery. Especially the Amaish. If you buy any wooden furniture from them, it was probably made with a tools that use leather belts.

    Jesus Christ ate fish.

    Everytime you swallow, you ingest thousands of living mico-organisms and bacteria.

    A human will swallow up to 6 spiders in a lifetime, when sleeping at night.

    Animals eat other animals.

    Almost all medicines that you take, have been tested on animals.

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    I just ate a nice 16 oz. Boneless Ribeye Steak tonight......and it was damn good.

    On sale this week at $3.99 a pound.....god I love this country.

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    I think that there are alot of things that we all just take for granted, and don't really think about - or think about how absurd it is in some ways. Of course I do as well - I'm not trying to convince anyone I am "holier than thou"

    But the way we do stuff is definitely completely different to the rest of nature. And why not, you may ask, as we are a very different species from the rest of nature now. But when you look at it, the way 'mother nature' presided over things before we came along thought we knew best was a little more constructive.

    Like, we are the first (and probably the last if we don't get it sorted) species to completely rape the earth of all its natural resources. It's like Hugo Weaving says in Matrix! The earth seemed to get along quite nicely without us, and as the first species to become as advanced as we have we don't make too good an-advert.

    When you think about the way other animals eat, yeah it may be cruel - and there certainly are lots of meat-eaters that don't kill for themselves, and they let others do it - but they still do more than just walk into a shop and buy a platic-wrapped piece of animal's flesh. But then that too shows how complicated human society is - animals have to do pretty much everything themselves, right? Like, hunt, eat, build homes, etc. We have split all the tasks in our world up, and we pay each other money for doing them! (sorry, going on a bit now...)

    Basically I think that we shouldn't compare the way we act as humans now to other species in our world at all - as we have just changed so much.

    As Lamsey said, any flames, please use mail...

    For the record, I do eat meat, do shop at major supermarkets, and I do take almost everything in my life for granted... its sometimes too much to think about.

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    Originally posted by FuNkY CaPrIcOrN@27 February 2003 - 23:02
    I just ate a nice 16 oz. Boneless Ribeye Steak tonight......and it was damn good.

    On sale this week at $3.99 a pound.....god I love this country.

    Ya just can't beat good meat!

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