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Thread: A Book On How To Draw Comic Art

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    I'm trying to learn how to draw REAL comic art, not that anime stuff that has been taking over lately because of the whole "I wanna be AZN" fad. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd prefer a downloadable copy but ill buy if i have to.

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    Scott McLoud's Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art is a good read if you want to get into the industry.

    Its basically an exploration of the form through comic techniques.

    "In one lucid, well-designed chapter after another, he guides us through the elements of comics style, words combine with pictures to work their singular magic. When the 215 page journey is finally over, most readers will find it difficult to look at comics in quite the same way ever again." -Gary Trudeau. NY Times Book Review.

    I've got a hard copy of it but I haven't seen any scans of it around. It is worth buying though.

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    Just practice - make atleast one drawing a day
    dont try to copy others¨
    dont try to draw using other peoples or older techniques - invent your own.
    Break away from the Laws of Drawing made 1000s of years ago.
    make your own world - cause your world is more interesting than the 1000s of lookalikes.


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