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Thread: Kazaa Speed Problem

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    Hi, I am new here so hello to everybody. I have been looking around the forum and it look's very good.
    I am a frequant kazaa user for music and movies.
    My question is now, i read about people downloading there things with 100 kbps or even more. The most i ever got is 20 kbps and 90% of the things i download is at the speed of a stunning 1,0 kbps.

    I have seen the pinned posts in here and all the other posts about speed but I didn't find one thing that really helped me out.
    Could anybody give me a couple of simple pointers on this.


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    what connection speed do you have? they will have ones ALOT faster than yours. Are you behind a router?

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    I don't know what my connection speed is but i am on broadband, cable. So it must be pretty high. And i am not behind a router.

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    Are you running Windows XP? If so, the built-in Firewall might be causing your problems.

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    Yes i am on Windows xp. I didn't know it had a firewall in it. And I am also running panda antivirus with firewall. What and where do I make changes to it?

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    To disable the XP firewall do this:


    2) in the SERVICES window, locate INTERNET CONNECTION FIREWALL(ICF)/INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING(ICS) then right-click and STOP the service

    3) after the service has stopped, right-click it again and choose PROPERTIES

    4) change the Startup Type to DISABLED then click APPLY

    That should disable the XP firewall and prevent it from ever loading itself again. As far as the Panda Firewall goes, you will have to consult the manual for it and figure out how to allow the traffic through for the port KaZaa is using.

    Hope this helps ya some.

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    Ok thanks, I have disabled the firewall and it works already a little better.

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    HI I have been searching around the forum looking for an answer to a simple problem,
    I am on Cable broadband (speed tested at 508kps) and run the 2.4.3 kl
    My settings are tailored to accommadate speedy downloads and uploads. Os is xp
    I have noticed that when I have set other people up on kl their uploads are (subject to uploaders' connection speed) a lot faster, ie in the region typically of 10kps peaking sometimes at 30kps. My uploads reach a max of about 4kps.
    Although this does not restrict my downloads, typically downloading popular files at around 50kps, it must be frustrating for people downloading from me.
    Uploads are capped and set at a max of 3 uploaders, I have tried uncapping but it has no effect.
    I don't have a firewall operating and only run kl, disconnecting when using the net for www operations

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    Typical cable broadband services offer trasfer rates in the neighborhood of 500KB/sec download and 32KB/sec upload. At least that is what my situation is using COX high-speed internet service.

    ADSL providers offer a broader spectrum of available services and can allow for a higher upload cap. The level of transfer rates you can get are dependant on the ADSL provider and what type of service you have from them and how close to the provider you are geographically. The higher the bandwidth connection you have with them generally means it costs more for the service.

    Most likely, your ISP has an Upload cap of around 16KB/sec or so. You would have to contact them to find out exatly what the limit is. Unfortunately, if your ISP has capped your upload bandwidth to 16KB/sec then there is nothing you can do to improve the rate you upload to others beyond limiting how many simultaneous uploads KaZaa allows at one time.

    My upload is capped at 32KB/sec so I have KaZaa configured to allow 2 simultaneous uploads at a time. This works out to 16KB/sec per user. If I am downloading files, I will lower my upload bandwidth to 16KB/sec (8KB/sec per user) because if I were to continue to utilize my ENTIRE upload bandwidth to send files to other users my downloads would choke and go really slow because my computer needs some available UPLOAD bandwidth to send out requests for more data to download. Once I finish downloading, I raise the upload cap back to the maximum so that I can help propogate the files faster.

    Hope this helps.

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    cheers, I'll speak to blueyonder to see what my primary cap is. It seems unfair to limit others on their downloads just 'cause you're cable


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