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Thread: Windows Longhorn

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    Hi, i really need all of your help here, ive been looking for Windows Longhorn for ages now and evry one i have found will not download the program can any one tell me where i can find it. :helpsmile:

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    Firstly you've posted this in the wrong section which annoys the majority of the forum users, you should of tried Requests... However...

    You failed to run a search for the file on these forums, which there should be a verfied hash for.

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    Welcome dezlboy.

    This section is only for big lists of verified files. You can find the latest version of Longhorn on this site. You will need Bittorrent. If you dont know what that is plz read the pinned topic in Bittorrent section or just search for it on google. You can also find longhorn in the verified. Next time plz do a search before you post.

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    you can find it on irc
    search or
    if u dont know how to leech off mIRC check the out its section on this forum there is a noob help
    good luck

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    Longhorn Blows.

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    Isnt it supposed to come out in 2006?

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    Yeah late 2005 or early 2006

    who cares about longhorn seriously have you seen the screenshots?! it looks like one of those baby toy things the babies run around in and it holds them know what im talking about...i dont know what they're called

    and the requirements...dont get me started...

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    Shouldnt this be moved to Requests? As there is no hash.
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    It was in the Verifieds yesterday
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