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Thread: Removed Index From Avi File

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    ive been recently trying to find a way to make movies smaller so that they can fit onto a cd without losing quality. Ive tried ashampoo's shrink and burn but im worried about the quality reduction. a program called video fixer has an option to remove a video files index. What will this do? do i need the index?

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    movies are designed to fit on 700mb cd, try using nero and the overburn option, the only problem u gonna find is bigger files such as 800mb, those you will have to cut

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    thats what im saying i have around 5 movies that are between 703 megs and 800 megs i just want to know if removing the index causes any problems.

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    I used that program your talking about ( Video Fixer) and i fucked a perfectly good movie experimenting with that index shit, so just be careful mate is all I can say

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    oh i back it up. but the program works great when it comes to fixing movie files. I now fix ever file before i burn it to a cd. ive never had a problem with it.

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    The index guys has nothing to do with cutting a movie.The index is all the info about the movie properties so it can be played.Virtual dub & tmpeg are both good for cutting.

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    Virtual dub is also good at re-encoding like the new Kings movie all 3 together total over 800 megs in size so I joined them all then recoded it which in turn brought the size down so I could fit it onto one disc.


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