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Thread: How To Burn .ogm File

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    i really need help on how to burn a .ogm file to a cd so i can watch it on a dvd player :helpsmile: :eek:

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    what kind of dvd player ya got? one that can play AVI files, or one that only plays DVDs and VCDs?

    you can use VirtualDubMod to open the OGM file, demultiplex the audio to an OGG file, and save the video (without audio) as an AVI file. then you'd use an audio conversion program to change the OGG to whatever audio format you need (WAV, MP2, or MP3...), and then multiplex it into the AVI. if all you needed was a working AVI file, then you're all done. if you need to make a VCD or DVD... well, at least you've got an AVI, which is a lot easier to turn into those other formats.

    a step-by-step guide to converting an OGM to SVCD, which might be helpful--


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