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Thread: Bittorrent Messed Up

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    i have shadows exp. bittorrent and a couple of days ago it was downloading and uploading files normally, now, it won't download a thing! here's the error thingy in red it gives me:


    Problem connecting to tracker - <urlopen error (10061, &#39;Connection refused&#39>

    at first, i thought it was the tracker, but after trying to download various files and getting the same error over and over again, i&#39;m pretty sure something&#39;s wrong. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling it again, no luck. should i just wait another week and then try downloading again (suprnova, other torrents, etc.) or is there a solution to this problem? bittorrent 3.3 was giving me way to many errors and crashes, so i switched over to shadow&#39;s, it was good for a long time (shadows), but now just a 2 days ago it started giving me the error, system specs:

    amd 1.2 ghz
    384 mb ram
    120 gb+60gb+60 gb hdd
    ati radeon 9600
    win xp pro

    any help or suggestions are always appreciated and thanks in advance guys as you&#39;ve (ppl on the forum/board) always helped me solve my problems &#33;

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    I think bt with all its different clients still has quite a few bugs to iron out.It could be anything mate,your side or bt.Try another client abc,azureus,torrent storm.If its still the same mate start checking windows & your apps.

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    Just leave the torrent open and it will eventually connect.....have patience with bittorrent.

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    Is this how it is with file you try to download. This happens sometime and the only way to check if the torrent works on some other computer/client. Give me the torrent and i will check it for you.

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    Originally posted by Kokanee@11 January 2004 - 14:56
    Just leave the torrent open and it will eventually connect.....have patience with bittorrent.
    tru dat, I&#39;ve had to wait over an hour for dl to commence. Patience is a virtue when dealing with BT.
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