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Thread: Sharereactor

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    Have you found the sharereactor site a bit slow? I have, I can't even get to the links it ust like timeouts or something
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    The server load must be heavy...
    a couple of months back they shut down the site till people donated enough money so they could update all there equipment..
    looks like that was a farce..probably used it to support there drug habits or something cause ive never noticed anything different .It was slow as B4 and its still slow as now, doesnt help with there popups either

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    yeah. shareractor have always been very must be the amount ppl accessing the site

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    Yeah Its always slow!
    In fact I rarely use it at all these days!
    I think most people will give up in the end, so maybe there success will eventually be there downfall!!

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    ye i also only use sharereactor only when i really need a file but in most cases i tend to stick to using filedonkey B)

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    They do generate a lot of traffic though..thats a big load on there server

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    whats the address?

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    Yeah it would'nt be sharereactor if it was fast.I've got used to opening the page and leaving it for five.


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