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Thread: Question About Harddrives

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    I want to get a second hard drive, but im not sure what would be compatible, the current hard drive is ultra ata/133, I noticed that most hard drives on ebuyer were either serial ata or ide. so would a serial ata or ide work in mine. my motherboard is this.

    I am eventually going to upgrade to this, mainly because I am going to upgrade my graphics card and want 8X agp.

    so is there any difference between serial ata and ultra ata, and are they compatible?

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    IDE is what you would call an ATA drive.

    Serial ATA drives are different. If you get an IDE drive you would be fine.

    However if you are going to upgrade your motherboard first, I'd suggest you do that first and then think about the new hard drive.

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    ok thanks I will do that then


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