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Thread: Pc Dvd Drive Region Locked

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    i have win 98 and usually play my dvds through soft dvd or interactual player and both are saying my region code needs to be reset im in the uk i have no idea how this happened

    any help would be welcome

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    from memory i think u can only reset it a certain amount of times before it locks it self to the last used dvd zone...but theres programs around that will get you around that

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    cheers for that guys

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    I haven't changed mine yet (no probs so why change, right?) and after I saw the "only a certain amount of times..even if u format and reinstall windows bs....."

    why do they have this limit?

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    Its built in to the firmware of the DVD-Rom has nothing to do with your OS,your computer or anything like that.So formatting ya computer isnt gonna format your DVD-Rom.
    In the DVD world the world is split up into "zones"..dvds discs from one zone(say america) wont play correctly in another zone(say Japan) for example..So if you change your dvd rom to play the disc from Japan its not gonna play the disc from america till you change the zones the moment most if not all dVDroms only let you change the zones on the dvdrom drive 5 times then it locks it self to the last used zone...thats where flashing your dvdrom comes in, but ya gotta be careful or youll mess ya dvdrom up

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    Have a look for DVD region Free, its a good prog and gets around the hardware region checking of the DVD rom drive itself. Its a paid for app, but you can 'acquire' it if you really want it.


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