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Thread: Can't Get Splinter Cell To Work With My Crack :(

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    I have a problem with a crack I've downloaded, for the game Splinter Cell. It says I need the original CD, which I don't have, so I need a crack that works, but no luck. I've downloaded 3 different cracks, but none have functioned at all.

    So if anyone could help me, I'd be chuffed to pieces

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    try My Webpage

    can't find it their? then either you have an older version or a new version that wouldnt work with cracks they have ...

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    I don't know which version I've got, all I know that the cracks were version 1.0 and 1.1

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    check this site - if they haven't got a crack here they won't have it any where
    well worth bookmarking everyone-

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    Can't Get Splinter Cell To Work With My Crack
    You should be careful That could easily be missinterpreted

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    Haha aye.

    Never mind, found out that it was a crack that made the copied/fake cd function in my cd-drive, sort of fooled the game to think that the cd was correct and original

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    how did you manage to get it going 'mcern' - cause my crack aint't working either -be grateful if you'd let us know

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    yo lunatacs
    Could u please change your avatar?
    I find it nasty

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    What did you do to make the crack work, I always have problems. It might be cause I don't apply them properly


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