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Thread: Quickbooks Professional

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    I am looking for a quickbooks buisness or quickboos contractor addition and a way to download and use on my computer. I have searched Kazaa Lite K++ found several programs and can not get any of them to work on my computer I have even downloaded keygenerator and have no idea how to use I am getting quite frustrated lol I have downloaded winrar and flashget my goodness all this stuff I have on PC now just trying to get quickbooks. Can any one give me advice on how when where and why I am going to delete all quickbooks I already have and try to start new Also is there a better site to get a free copy?? I have quicken 2002 and I can unlock home and buisness for $50.00 is there a code that I can get to not have to pay ????

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    apologies if im woring...but isnt this thread meant to be posted in the Bookworld section?

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    no, quickbooks is a software program

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    Quickbooks is not a book it is a software program to keep track of money, accounting, it makes personalized Invoice and sales profit and loss ect. it also keeps track of tax info yadda yadaa

    Basically it is a program organizing your buisness it creates graph's and spreadsheets too.

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    think it might be better in requests

    'QUICKBOOKS PRO 2004-TDA' and 'Quickbooks Point-of-Sale v2.1' are on suprnova - i'll pm you the link


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