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Thread: Drm Upgrades Required For Playing?

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    I recently downloaded both "Paycheck" and "Cheaper by the Dozen" in asf format. Normally I have been able to play asf formats, but this time I get a message telling me to submit a file for DRM upgrade. Is this going to have any deleterious effects on my computer if I do so?

    I gather they are not collecting info on me but will it interfere with playing other : movies?

    thank you


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    I wouldn't do it, why are you downloading asf in the first place
    I would avoid that like the plague

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    the avi files available are blanks and there are 3000 users with asf files for these movies that are just out

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    doesn't that tell you something, its probable a fake, but not only that you get drm installed
    I wouldn't do it, stick to verified and normal avi's not drm laden asv/wmv etc


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