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Thread: Question About Dl Speeds On Router

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    I have an SMC router and i want to get faster dl speeds. my BT dl is about 10 and my KL gets around .10-100. im behind an SMC router and i want to know how to improve my speeds. i search the forums and i found info about linksys. i never did the port fowarding or stuff like that...i dont even know what that me please

    i have dsl and my usual speed for dl directly is 180

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    What model Router is it?

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    what i did was go to the NAT on the menu, then i went to Special Applications

    I put the
    Trigger Port: 6889
    Trigger Type: TCP
    Public Port:
    Public Type: TCP
    Then i enabled this the same as the linksys one cept for the different names

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    From the looks of it, you are on the right track except for a couple things.

    I looked up your router manual on the net and I think you need to put a port range in the Public Ports entry instead of the IP address. I have BitTorrent running right now and it is using ports in the range of 2561-3150 so you would have to make the Public Ports entry be 2561-3150. I'm not sure of the exact range of ports that BT uses but if you enter this range it should work.

    Also, I don't know if this will make a difference or not but BitTorrent uses ports 6881-6889 (by default) as the trigger ports. You might want to make an entry for each of those with the public port range of 2561-3150 for each entry.

    KaZaa uses a different Trigger Port for it's communications. You can manually specify what this is in the K-Lite ++ options section. I have mine set to 31666 but it can be basically whatever you like. This means you will also have to make an entry in your router for this port as well. You will also have to downlaod a copy of KaNat and use that when running KaZaa.

    And one last thing. I am using TorrentStorm for my BitTorrent client. In the settings menu there is an option to limit the maximum UPLOAD rate BT will use. Since I top out at 32KB/sec, I have my max upload limited to around 25KB/sec. If you don't hold back a little of your upload bandwidth your computer won't be able to keep track of your download traffic and your speeds will choke and wind up being really slow.

    Hope this helps ya some. Let me know if things start running faster for you.

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    ok.....i my router is a little weird. my trigger ports only have a 5 digit maximum. so do i put 6881 on the first one...6882 on the second one......6883 on third one and so on........and you said put 2561-3150 on the public port entry. ok also for kazaa options do i put the number 31666 on the incoming ports section under the firewall very sorry if im asking the questions to obvious not that quick

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    Correct. The first entry in your router config would be 6881 for the trigger port and 2561-3150 for the public ports. The 2nd entry would be 6882 for the trigger and 2561-3150 for the public ports etc. (type the entry for the public ports just like we are here "2561-3150")

    Correct again! Under the KaZaa++ Options menu on the Firewall tab, you would enter the port you want to use for incoming traffic. I use 31666 but it doesn't have to be this exact number. You can choose any port number but I have read that a port number above 5000 is best. Once you have that port number defined in KaZaa, you make an entry in your router config to have the trigger port be 31666 (or whatever the port number is you chose) and a public port range of 2561-3150.

    It looks like KaZaa uses the same port ranges for connections that BT uses so the same values in your Public Ports entry should work for both programs.

    Hopefully, if I'm not a total idiot, this information should get you downloading at a decent rate. Let me know how it goes for you

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    omg....u just got yourself a fan ...maybe i posted in the wrong section but you are the only one to help me....thanks alot i really appreciate it

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    edit-wait i got a problem.......i can't connect to the seeds. my dl and upload rate is 0. there are 15 peers and 4 seeds. is it cause it has 4 seeds and distributing 0.999 copies.

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    There could be a number of explanations for this. The Tracker that is controlling the connections to the torrent could be hosed i.e. not currently running/crashed. Try to grab a file that has a butt-load of Seeders and Peers like 50 seeders and 190 peers. See if transfers start going on that download. It's also possible that we don't have the router configuration 100% correct. Have you tried KaZaa yet?

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