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Thread: How To Make A Vcd/svcd

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    a few guidelines
    in order to encode, you need the correct codecs, please download the latest from


    1. download tmpgenc
    2. remove all bad frames (or you can use it seems to work better but

    you have to find a crack)
    once you have tmpgenc installed and open, click cancel and choose options at the top
    the very first tab is "environmental setting" choose this
    you want to match these settings by raising or lowering the vafpi settings this can be done by right clicking the setting and

    raise/lower to match theses
    (don't worry about setting you don't have, just the ones you do have )

    close tmpgenc, now your ready to encode
    open tmpgenc and pick vcd or svcd (nstc if your in the USA)
    Image Resized
    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>
    then hit browse & choose your movie and hit next
    to keep this simple for now, just hit next 2 more times till you get to the output file or project wizard 5/5
    Image Resized
    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>
    now hit ok
    then hit start @ the top and it will encode your movie to vcd or svcd (whatever you chose )

    If you want to speed up the encode you can put it on motion estimate search (change the motion search precision as seen @

    the bottom here)

    to change this you need to choose other settings in the project wizard 3/5
    Image Resized
    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>
    then change the setting here

    just remember you're giving alittle quality by encoding that way, transversely if you put it on best quality, it takes even

    longer but you get the very best
    once its completely encoded to vcd or svcd open nero and burn it
    hope this helps for now, cutting and advance filtering to come

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    Good stuff

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    thanks but why the " "
    tried to make it easy

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    Thanks, bro. People ask this too much hehe.

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    Finally , kvcd enigma resolved.Thanks.

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    saves me from writing it out over and over
    wish someone showed me how to do things the correct way, all my friends never had trail and error to figure out svcd/kvcd with me teaching them

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    Nice post! had a few people ask me about this, know i'll know where to refer them to as I am usually quite bad at trying to explain things like this lol
    if only there weren't already a million posted topics in software world!
    there may be room for 1 more....maybe, doubt it though unfortunatly!

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    shit I couldn't get kvcd pinned but its huge and had to fight lamasey when he tried to kill my earthquake thread and pin his
    doesn't really need to be pinned to be good, just useful and easy for everyone
    just post any problems or additions you would like put in under tips
    I will add cutting tomorrow but feel free to add anything

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    You da man muchspl2 This is exactly what I wanted to know, the right way. I just have a few questions.

    1 When I encode a film with Tmpgenc into SVCD format and burn it using nero vcd option, it works on my DVD player with no problem. However, how can I make the picture quality even better because it looks distorted and pixelated?

    2 When I burn a film encoded with Tmpgenc in SVCD format and burn it using nero SVCD option, it doesn't work and the DVD player says "cannot play this disk" and the disk is wasted?

    Thanks for your help in the other thread, we need people like you to show us the right way on how to make EXCELLENT films B)

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    well it sounds like your dvd player doesn't support svcd
    you can double check here
    but, before you totally give up on playing svcd, you could try a trick
    open tmpgenc and close the wizard

    Click File - MPEG Tools. It should already be on the Simple Multiplex tab. Click the browse button beside Video input, and then browse to the mpg file. This will also load in the Audio input and will fill in the Output field. Change the Output filename, just make sure it isnt the same! Change Type, to MPEG-1 Video-CD (non-standard). Then click RUN, in a few minutes you will have another mpg file with VCD headers

    NOTE: TMPGEnc might warn about an error in playback due to buffer underflow, but you dont need to worry about it, it usually happens when things are non standard!

    Open Nero Burning Rom. When it opens, either the New Compilation window will appear or the Nero Wizard. If it is the wizard, click Close Wizard! In the New Compilation Window, use the scroll bar on the left to find Video CD. Click it!

    Under the Video CD tab, UNSELECT create standard compliant cd! That is very important! Now click the New Button.

    Now on your left you should have, your VCD compilation window and on your right you should have your file browser! Use the file browser to browse to the folder you have your mpeg file in. When you find it, drag it from the file browser to the compilation window! DO NOT drag it to any of the folders, drag it to the blank space underneath! Nero will then scan the file, if it tells you that it is non standard (which it shouldnt) click "Turn off standard compliance and continue".
    source, I didn't think of it

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