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Thread: Best Cdrw?

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    I am thinking of buying a cdrw to put my mp3's in and play it on my mp3 player but i want to know what is the best cdrw brand and how long do they last?

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    I'm not sure if you're asking for the burner, or disks themselves? However, I'll offer both my opinions...

    I personally recommend Lite-On for CD-RW's.
    As for CDRW Disks, I've found TDK to be worth purchasing. No coasters for me. Normal life span for CDRW's are roughly 100,000 cycles

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    bob_the_alien's Avatar Bob The Alien
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    I agree with your comments on Lite On Samurai, they are definitely good optical drive manufactures.

    However, I do think he's speaking of the discs.
    So I actually just recommend the cheapest you can find, I use Durabrand, you can buy them really cheap, and I've never had a problem with them.
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    Yea i am asking about the blank cdrw disks and the main reason i want to use it for is for putting mp3 files in and playing it on the portable mp3 player.

    plus would the mp3 player be able to read the cdrw as fast as it does for a cdr that is finalized in nero.

    i have found that if you write a cdr in multi-session the mp3 player takes longer to read it than a finilized one and that sux.

    i have a napa dav316

    plus any tips on writing the best mp3 cd would be helpful

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    Why not just bye the cheapest cdr,s I know I dont use cdrw for my music
    have the time cdrw dont play in some cd players

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    Originally posted by peat moss@12 January 2004 - 13:56
    Why not just bye the cheapest cdr,s I know I dont use cdrw for my music
    have the time cdrw dont play in some cd players
    my cd mp3 player does support cdrw but i think it might take longer than usual for it to load because it is not finilized.

    plus i need to know if there are some options in nero or any other burning software that make reading the mp3 much faster for the cd player.


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    but I generally get the cheapest

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    I heard memorex was one of the best...I use them. The BLACK ones..thats what I have.

    Lite On is weird to me...there stuff is SO cheap..and there like the best..huh?
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    Memorex for me too! B)
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    tdk and sony, ive had no prob with but i bougt cosco ones and like 1/2 worked it was really annoying

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