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Thread: Ultimate Fight

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    vidcc's Avatar there is no god
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    Dec 2003
    ok one ring, no weapons no rules, last man or woman or woman type thing standing wins

    Tony Blair
    GW bush
    Osama BinLaden
    Saddam Hussain
    Hilary Clinton
    Rue Paul.

    who would you put your money on and why ?
    Funniest reason wins makes the winner

    itís an election with no Democrats, in one of the whitest states in the union, where rich candidates pay $35 for your votes. Or, as Republicans call it, their vision for the future.

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    ok i bet Saddam Hussain wins

    i know he's weak and got cancer and shit but he still wins... why?

    cuz first...he'd beat Georgy in, like 10 seconds, using Hilary Clinton as human shields GWB unleash his monkey Kong Fu on Hilary, realising he'd made a mistake he quickly turns to Osama Binladen and tries to beat him by pulling Bin's beard.

    having failed both attempts he now braces for attack from Hussain and Bin. United they stood, Hussain and Bin got bush by his generative organ and gave it a good yank, in deep pain and panick, bush tries to hang on to somethin, then feeling a whooshed slap from Hilary as he tries to hang onto her boobs. Defeated, bush lies helplessly as he watch Blair just standing there laughing at his own stupitity and watch Osama and Sadam delivering one more fatal blow to the head....

    now only five left....

    the story continues on....

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    Hilary Clinton...

    cause shes literally got bigger balls then all of them

    Saddam couldn't cause he's gay, seriously they dug up old porno's of when he was younger and used to star in gay pron films.

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    Its magic baby!
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    i think blair would start making excuses as to why he couldn't fight

    well..... my wife says.... i should not get excited...... she constantly..... hits me...
    when i get excited..

    and everyone else would fall into a deep sleep like in sleeping beauty for 100 years and blair would take advantage of eth situation and call his evil wife to kiss tehm and wake them up to see blair still talking

    then they would all surrender

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    She's just gonna bash their heads one by one after they fournicate her and are too tired to fight.

    That's not funny.
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    good one

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    Osama binladin


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