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Thread: Dungeon Siege - Bad Rip?

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    I've dowloaded and installed twice now, both times without any install problems. However, after playing through for an hour or two, both times I got a CRC error in the same place in the game. Always happens uhh forgot what its called, but after saving the guy in the ice caves and in the next cave area (kinda swamp-like). Seems like it freezes about what might be halfway through the second, swampy cave (anyone know what I'm talking about?). Anyway, has anyone else experienced the same?

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    ive fixed that with the german updater (if u have the same iso as me u cant play single player either)
    <url> </url>
    there will be a lot of errors keep clicking next after the update u will have to manually rename the *.&&& files to *.dsmap or so look in all ure directories delete (or backup ) the old files and rename the new ones .
    this will not only solve ure crc errors but it will also update the game to the finall version and its not in german like the installer .

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    Had the same problem. Thought it was only my machine. Thanks kelmc123, I&#39;ll try the patch and let you know how it works.



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