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Thread: Audio And Video Are Not In Time?

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    I have downloaded both parts of Die Another Day in Xvid format, when i tried to copy them straight nto a vcd in Nero everything was fine but the picture was upside down when i tried to play it. So i converted the files to DivX format first using using TMPEGnc. But there was no audio?? i think because the audio and video were together.

    So i used AviC (4CC changer) to convert the Xvid audio into DivX. Then used Virtual dub to convert the vido into DivX. When i opened the video i got a message saying it had detected the impropper VBR encoding and there may be skew. When it finished converting and i copied the video to vcd using NERO the picture was the correct way up but the audio was about half a second ahead.

    I have been told splitting the video and audio, then aligning them in TMPEGnc may work but idont know how to split them?

    I would appreciate any views on what i should try.

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    OKay... first get the original .avi files.
    Then open virtualDUB and load the movie.
    If you get an error there, then you have to decompress the audio.
    But if you don't get an error, then go ahead and click on audio,
    make sure direct stream copy is clicked on (has a lil circle next to it),
    and then click file> sav WAV as.
    Then use TMPGenc and select the avi.,
    then select the newly extracted WAV. encode and it should work.

    If you do get an error when you load your original .avi's onto VirtualDUB
    then go HERE! and get avi2vcd.
    Use the decompress.exe found with the program and decompress the avi.
    Then load VirtualDUB with the new decompressed .avi and save the new WAV. as described above.
    And encode.

    If you don't want to try this, then don't or if anyone has an easier solution, please suggest it.
    Also check out for more info.

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    or another way u could do this is ,if u want a single file instead of a seperate audio&video files is to open ur original file with virtualdub,u will get the incorrect vbr message,thats fine just ignore it.

    1 select the video tab to direct stream copy

    2 select the audio tab to full prossin mode

    3 select the audio tab again scroll down to compression and select

    4 when the box appear u will see alist

    5 scroll down to the last one and press the blank space underneath then ok

    6 select save avi --then open that one file with tmpeg

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    I downloaded a lot of Xvid movies and there was always an audio visual sync problem. With respect to the others guys suggestions, an easier solution was to download the SLD codec pack, which was recommended by another member here. It worked a treat and now I have no problems at all with Xvid movies. Personally, I find Virtualdub very hard work, unless your very technical, which I'm not!

    Here's the link to SLD:

    SLD Codec


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