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    Woman Gets Arrested After Dialing Wrong Number To Buy Crack
    POSTED: 11:24 AM EST January 12, 2004
    UPDATED: 11:41 AM EST January 12, 2004

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    PANAMA CITY, Fla. -- A woman seeking to buy crack cocaine called the wrong numbers, but still tried to buy the drug from people she had mistakenly called, police said.

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    Tara Jo Curtis, 29, was arrested Saturday at the No Name Lounge and released Sunday from the Bay County Jail under a $10,000 bond.

    Someone reported the wrong number calls and investigators arranged a controlled sale of fake crack, police said.

    An undercover officer sold Curtis a couple of grams of imitation cocaine for $100 and during the transaction she asked if he had a small sample and something she could use to test it, according to a police report.

    Curtis has no telephone listing in Panama City and could not be reached for comment Monday. Court records did not indicate whether she has a lawyer.

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    PANAMA CITY, Fla. is known as the "Redneck Rivera" favorite location for shooting girls gone wild videos.


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