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Thread: Download Never Completes

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    I have 2.4.4 installed

    When I click on a link, 3 things happen.

    1) Download never starts
    2) Download starts .. then stops at 100-200 Megs or even more
    3) Download completes

    I might understand that number 1 happens becuase there is no sharing that file on the network (altough this is not always true) however I cannot understand problem marked 2. The accelerator tries to connect and manages to find users however none or very little bytes are downloaded.

    What do you think? Do I have something wrong?

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    are you trying to download hard to find files or ones that are in high demand (ie: new lotr movies etc.)? if so, then i would say nothing is wrong. files that are not common are hard to get connecting and often connect for short periods of time if at all.

    however, if you cannot connect to downloads that have many users (ie: new 50 cent songs & popular movies) then i'd say you have a problem. not too sure what it could be though. maybe a firewall problem...

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    For example .. i have out of time blocked at 61 Megs and Mystic River at 120 Megs etc... every now and thejn another 1-15 kb ar added

    No firewall .. i have disabled it from the contraol panel > administrative tools

    At the same time I have The beach downloading 14kb/s and has already arrived to 112 Megs in a few hours without any problem


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