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Thread: Shereaza Speed Increases Over Time?

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    OK, I will not say that Sheraza sux balls as a previous posting mentioned , but I have to admit that the speed issue looks like being unable to resolved. Despite evrything I have tried (even hitting manually the "Find More Sources" menu option evry now and then), I am condemned to single digit speeds. Maybe Raza doesn't "sux balls". but unfortunately it doesn't "kick ass" either!

    What looks like a real joke to me however is the myth that says that in the ed2k network (which is the biggest provider of sources to Raza), the speed increases over time as you gradually share more files. Well, sorry to say but this is complete b***shit. I have both my home and office PCs always connected to the internet, but my d/l speeds haven't changed a bit since the last two months. How old should I become to be considered as an uploader worthy of getting double-digit download speeds?

    Seriously, I like Raza and I still admire the fact that I can d/l any appz I want without wondering whether my PC will survive their launch. However, if I want to d/l any file bigger than 50 MB (e.g. movies), then Raza is definitely my last resort. Pity, 'cause it could be really a good one...

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    I too think the whole thing is a crock. If you're not worried about speed then Shareaza might work for you, and I have found files there that I couldn't find anywhere else, but IMO there are faster more effective options. I'll still keep Shareaza as a back up though.


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