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    I am very new to these sharing shenanigans but I have just loaded some music writing software on and upon instillation, it installed 100% by the way, and then came up with an error message saying that it could not find 'start'. No shit. It is obvious to me that start is at the bottom left corner of my screen but not to the wise program, oh no. Anyway I'd imagine there is a really simple way to get my program up and running and I would be well gratefull if anyone could tell me what it is.
    p.s. if you tell me you can have the first copy of my album

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    hmmm... 1st post in a section where it better suits your problem... such as general problems and questions.
    now to your problem: I think that it's trying to find a different "start". What does the error exactly say? Also, try opening the program from the main .exe

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    ok after the instillation where you normally hit 'finish'
    instead it popped up,

    ''Windows cannot find start, make sure u typed the name correctly, and then try again. ''

    then straight after it said
    'Could not execute the external program start'

    help, please.

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    Like Shinigami said, maybe you can start it from the main.exe file. Go to C:\Program Files\ "program " folder and look for "program".exe and double click on that. (replace"program" with the actual name of the program).
    If it DID install 100% that should work.Then you can right click and make a desktop shortcut or whatever.
    What is the program, anyway? Someone may have experienced this already.Computer details would help too, OS etc.

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    It might help if you actually told us what program you're trying to install. As near as I can tell, it's trying to launch a file called 'start.exe'. If you chose to install to a folder other than the installer's default folder, it could have screwed up the shortcuts to the program. Try using 'Find' to search for 'start.exe' on your computer and double-click that file. If the program starts that way, you just need to create a shortcut manually.

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    hi, cheers for your help so far.
    I am trying to load up Magix music and video onto a windows XP computer.
    There is no 'program' folder in the program files and there are no start.exe files that don't seem to be related to the start up of the computer itself. If you've got any more sugestions they would be most welcome. cheers.


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