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Thread: At Internet Cafee

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    Im here in an internet cafee and my friends wants a cd key of this computer, theyve disabled regedit so how else could i get it? Its's windows xp and its NOT version 1.6 of cs.

    He will buy it if he cant get the cd key but its worth a try first.

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    If its CS 1.5
    have alook around for a program called "CounterStrike Key-Changer"
    this will let you see what the installed key is

    Alternatively just follow this guide to being a thief

    download direct connect(filesharingprogram)
    this program requires that you share a certain amount of gigabytes to join a Hub

    then do a search for "cdkey.ini" ---theres lots of noobs (and i mean lots ) that share there whole hard drives mistakenly or to meet the Gigabyte criteria

    when the search has completed and youve got a list of cdkey.ini's in your search window download the desired key..
    just make sure your quick about it cause if the person your downloading off sees his cdkey going out the window he will cut you off

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    yea, but its kinda hard to find thos "noob" that do that

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    your right..theres so many hubs though that it can take a while to find a noob

    Best bet is to go for the hubs that require you to share 100GB or more cause a lot of those people are running a 120GB hard drives and they share there whole hard drive in my experience

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    but i onlky got a 80GB hdd :'( :'( :'(

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    your vomplaining 9GB over here

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    Youll find them on smaller hubs as well but sometimes you have to search heaps of hubs before you strike it lucky

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    once in a while you see people accidentally sharing their entire hard drive on Soulseek, so you might try looking there too.

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    Theives theiving from each other

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    Originally posted by RGX@14 January 2004 - 03:15
    Theives theiving from each other
    The age old saying..."theres no honour amongst thieves"


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