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Thread: Sygate Blocks Svchost.exe

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    How can I fix this ....

    I'm running the (as yet unregistered) Sygate Pro 5.5 Firewall on a Wireless LAN connection ... sharing Internet Access through a router ...

    Everytime I boot up my system a pop up comes up soon after all the taskbar icons have loaded saying svchost.exe has been blocked ....

    I know I can disable this popup ... but I'm wondering why exactly svchost.exe is blocked everytime ... I have already preset my firewall to always allow "Generic Hosts Processes for Win32 Services" when it originally popped up.

    Is there somewhere else I need to allow svchost.exe .... I checked the Tools>Applications menu and the only entry close to svchost is the "Generic Hosts Processes for Win32 Services" which is already ticked.

    Plz help ...

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    generic host isnt the only process using svchost.exe
    do a search on google or yahoo
    and ive actually found that you dont need generic host to have access
    i would credit the member that pointed that out but cant remember
    mines blocked now, but still surfin
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    if your os is windows xp, go to command prompt, type: tasklist /svc
    find out which programs running under svchost.exe

    detailed info:


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