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Thread: What To Do About Corrupted Mp3

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    Okay so I am like a regular 56k modem. When I download its take a while because I usally download like 5 at time. My question is what is everyone doing about corrupeted mp3. I tried some mp3 fixers but they dont seem to be working. I read the FAQ's and stuff but it still comes out the same. So if someone can tell if they are using something or something. Tell me. Sorry for the dumb question

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    Download a different one. Unless its a rare song there should be severeal different versions of it. I mean when you search you get several results just DL another one they're not all corrupted.

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    Yep, when you downloaded a corrupt MP3... Just delete it, but have the file-size in mind, then search again, and download one with a different file-size... B)


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