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Thread: 21 Sources But Still Says More Sources Needed Wtf

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    I searched for this file and found 21 sources for it but it still says more sources needed instead of downloading. I've been having this problem alot. why?


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    I just got DSL. I tried searching for alot of files on several p2p's (Kazaa ,IMesh, Shareaza) and got plenty of results with plenty of sources but am able to download hardly anything. On shareaza the DL starts breifly then stops or gets stuck un the connecting status. On Imesh it keeps saying queued. On Kazaa it says more sources needed when I found 20, 30 , 40 or more sources.

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    OK. I used kdat to get the IP of the sources then pinged a couple of them and kept getting request timed out. I pinged their supernodes and got responses which would explain HOW I get results but can't DL but not WHY. I did a tracert of an IP that couldn't be pinged and couldn't even get 1 hop which would tell me that the problem could be at my computer. Could the bad IP blocker thing that comes with K-Lite be blocking IP's that aren't actually bad? How do I disable the bad IP blocker thing?

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    Is it possible my DSL modem is blocking IP's? If so how can I fix it?

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    if you keep doing that your topic will be closed

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    Doing what?

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    Originally posted by heat84@13 January 2004 - 09:07
    Supid post like this m8... We don't like guy's who do such thing to promote their post...

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    You should be.

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