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Thread: Best Audio Codecs?

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    Hey, I've browsed round the net for "Best Audio Codecs" all i get is cd-ripping software which is not what im looking for.

    What i want is something to give me the best output possible for crystal clear sound. I have the k-lite codec pack installed. I was just wondering whether there were any better codecs or software that could filter or tweak the sound so it sounds great.



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    Ogg-Vorbis is the best audio-codec at the moment... But not all players are compatible...
    LAME is also a good one, but creates the old .mp3 format wich has less quality than the new Ogg-Vorbis... :music1:

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    Thanks, I'll have a mooch around for it now.

    Thanks again.


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    HE-AAC is the best audio codec for me!
    NeroDigital supports it and wraps it in mp4 container.You need the latest of Nero for ripping/encoding to mp4 audio tracks.For playback you will need K-Lite codec pack.Also the latest versions of BeSweet support HE-AAC encoding by using Nero dll files.
    In NeroDigital you can also select also to export pure aac tracks.For playback you will also need AAC Parser(AAC Parser is a directshow filter) or just Winamp5.Pure aac tracks can be also played in Philips Expanium.
    RealNetworks also supports it in the brand new RealAudio 10 format and wraps it in ra container.Unfortunately thre aren't many encoding solutions at the moment(unless you want to install RealPlayer10 ).For playback you will need the latest RealAlternative.


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