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Thread: Connecting

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    When i search for a film and find up to about 10 sources which i click to D/L from. In the trafic colum I get "Connecting", this can last for hours with no D/L although it shows that there are users on line. Or are they? What's happening? as plenty of people are U/L from me.

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    I'm sorry I can't help but want to express my feelings too as it's happening to me also and I'm pig sick of it. 2 bastard months I'v been trying to download a film,4 users,connecting but not.What the bloody hell is going on. Some computer geek must know the answer (but not in a computer geek way). All we want is 1.Connections that connect. 2. Fast downloads without having to look up reams and reams of info ie "Look in the FAQ colums", 3.If computer crashes not to delete download just when it has nearly finished. God knows I've tried every tip people have offered and still crap. What to do.

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    First of all,if you're trying to dl a film make sure you have plenty of sources for it(as much as you can really)
    And the number of sources you see in the searchwindow aren't always available at that time or don't have any slots open wich means you're in hold.If you have plenty of sources but the speed still isn't what you want jump supernodes.This also counts for when you fail to connect to any of the sources:Jump Supernodes!
    That's all I can say about it.

    Also use verified hashes for downloads.In my experience I always had good speeds with them.Hope it will do the same for you.

    ps:what movie is it that you're trying to dl?
    It's possible the moviefile isn't a popular one and doesn't have plenty of sources.In that case you'll just have to be patient with the sources available.

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    What are hashes? new at this game.

    Film.. Lord of the rings. return of the king

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    Thanks for the new tip but what does veirified hash mean and how do I find it . The film I'v been trying to download is The Shipping News and has 8 users.

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    You can find hashes in the movieworld section.
    In order to use them open k-lite(or kazaa)and click on the verified hashlink.
    When you'vez done this a dat-file will be created and the download will be added in your traffic window.

    Other great links for verified hashes are:
    sig2dat database

    The last link will also give you a better,more detailed explanation on what hashes are and how to use them.

    And for Lord of the Rings:haven't tried dl'ing it myself but I would expect this to be a popular file.In the first link there are a couple of hashes for it.On the second link I didn't seem to find that particular Lord of the rings movie.Maybe you should try the verifieds in movieworld.
    But anyway,keep in mind that when you want to dl a movie make sure you got plenty of sources to start of with(I usually try to get about a 100 or more,and with this movie i don't think it will be that hard,I'm not sure though)

    Hope this will help you out.

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    :helpsmile: OK i also have had the same problems as the chaps above.

    Plenty of conections but none will conect. I have tried all the other solutions on offer but nothing is working.

    As for Hashes what ever they are. I would like to saythis WHATS THE BLOODY POINT IN USEING K++LITE IF U HAVE TO GO AND GET YOUR DLS FROM ANOTHER PLACE.

    sorry for the rant but guys get this sorted please.

    I have played with and use all forms of Kazaa and K lite and its still fooked up.

    The IP and Port solution Bah. that was just some guy haveing a laugh i am sure. my latest problem. 600k Broad Band conection best speed is 30 kbs down load up loads run at the norm 15kbs. I find plenty of users and at first the dl runs fine not as fast as it should but it ok. But slowly the speed dwindles off and i see it makeing conections but none conect then finaly no one conects.

    Chaps this has been a long running problem. Surly a solution is not far away.

    Or are we wasting our time here ?


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