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Thread: Avipreview Not Really Working

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    I realised that pretty much every file i ever dl'd half of and cancelled is still in my shared folder.

    So I went there and i watched a few of them.

    But now AVIpreview isnt working. It just shows the first second of the file and then cuts out.

    Im also wondering if i can resume these downloads with the hash keys, but thats a subject for another thread.

    The only thing i can think of that has changed since I last watched the files is that I've installed the latest k-lite codec pack.
    Anyone know what the problem might be?

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    Go to this thread.
    It appears it has something to do with the latest codec-pack,but I'm not sure what.

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    Or try using Videolan.

    If they are still in your shared folder they should still show in your download column. If you cancel a download and clear it then it should remove it from your shared folder.

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    thats correct. theres a bad capatablility between the latest codec FULL pack and avi preview. U need to do a search for "avi preview" on this board in problems as the fix was given a while ago. U simply need to un-install the codec pack, re-install it without the probmatic part and it works as normal
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