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Thread: Help With File H323log.txt

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    I am having a problem with a file named h323log.txt it is in c:/windows/system32 folder and when i go to open it there is nothing there it, just opens a blank notepad page. The problem is when I run "disk cleanup" in windows xp (start-all programs-accessories-system tools-disk cleanup) it will clean all files except this one. It says the computer is using the file or I do not have access to it ( but it is a blank file). I tried to research it on the net (h323log.txt) but all I came up with, is that it has something to do with backup (I think, not sure). I wanted to see if I could move the file and rename it ,and then try to delete it, but,"I WANTED TO CHECK WITH YOU FIRST". Could you look into this for me and give me your advice, and tell me why it is empty if I do need the file. "SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE" Yours, "NICOLE" N.Y.C.

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    Have you rebooted before trying to clean up?

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    Yes, I have tried to reboot, ran norton antivirus in both regular and safe mode, and used ad-aware 6.0 pro., and derfragmented the file, and used registry cleaner with tuneup utilities 2003. Thank-You for your reply, hope this gave enough input. Any ideas or advice will be Appreciated,and again, "Share The Knowledge" Yours, "NICOLE" N.Y.C.

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    That log.txt file is part of Microsoft H323 Media Service Provider. This is what handles the dial up modem connection as well as some dsl or cable connections.

    I booted into safemode and changed the name "h323.log.txt" to "h323log.txtold" As soon as I rebooted another h323.log.txt was created so it must be required.

    I suggest you leave it as it is.


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