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Thread: Lotr

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    File:lotr3c-log.cue|Length:122 Bytes, 0KB|UUHash:=PCGrynAbcglH1ICqhcyHZIX///8=
    Length:122 Bytes, 0KB

    File:lotr3c-log.bin|Length:830980416 Bytes, 811504KB|UUHash:=NmQTEePF5qt/mwCoH/H31xeE8sU=
    Length:830980416 Bytes, 811504KB

    I just dled a 791 mb rotk disk 3 of 4 svcd (mpeg) file.

    I was wondering is it the same mpeg file that's on the above mentioned hash and if anyone who has hash would you open up your bin file and have a look in the folder labled MPEG2 and tell me the size of the file AVSEQ01.MPG.


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    in either case, you're better off getting the newest copy of rotk. logistic's isn't as good

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    um in case you still want an alternative a great one has just been posted on
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    lotr was a great movie. dont miss out on this one. but get the dvd screener on suprnova. its a cleaned up copy of the ring screener. its int he fantasy section on suprnova movies. look for some thing like [dvd rip] lord of the rings return of the king


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