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Thread: Norton Ghost 2003

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    i have just downloaded NG 2003 and am wondering is it possible to backup the entire hardrive onto CDR?? if so how would I restore the image if I needed too??

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    I'm sure it could be done, but that sounds like way too much of a hassle. Unless you have a really small hard drive. System restore is much easier (although less efficient).

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    no sry its not posable to span cd disks with that prog it made for network restores

    it dose compress the images some so if it will fit on 1 cd it would work but u would have too put the image on another hd before u burn it too cd but if u got a 2nd HD it would be better to just store the image there

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    Version 7.5 Norton Ghost Corporate Edition will allow you to back to CDR and span it accross multiple CDR's, Create a Windows ME/98 Boot disk and boot off it selecting Start With CD Support.

    Insert a Disk with Ghost in then and start Ghost, select what u want to backup and select the CDR as the place to store it. It may depend on what Make/Model of CDR you have, my Liteon 48125 works fine


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