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    I just installed two SCSI drives on my computer. The only way I could figure out to format them was to boot off of the Win 2k CD and install Windows 2k. So I installed it and I only want one of the SCSI drives to run windows. My main problem is now when I reboot my computer, it gives me 3 boot options, Win2k, Win2k, and Win2k. The two SCSIs and my master harddrive. I formated one of the SCSI drives while in Win2k by going to my computer and right clicking and formating that way. It still shows the 3 boot options. I tried booting from that formated SCSI and it said that some windows file couldnt be found so it couldnt boot. How can I get that option out of the bootup? I want it to automatically boot from the SCSI that has win2k. Any suggestions?

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    Sorry I can't help with your problem, but I would like to offer some advice about posting to this or any other forum. Rather than simply typing 'Help' into the subject line, try to use words that descibe your problem like 'Win2K SCSI Drive Problem". That way people who've had similar problems will read your message and offer whatever help they can, while others who know nothing about this particular issue (like me) won't waste their time reading it. Just a little friendly advice.


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