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Thread: For Backing Up Stuff With Program Is The Best?

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    I know their is lots of stuff to back up your precious information. Which program do you think is the best. For how simple it is and how well of a job it does.

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    Be more specific. Backing up on another HDD or another partition, what?

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    Ok since you did not say what you are talking about backing up I will step in.I only mess with Music/ the program I use to back them up to data files is Easy CD Creator Platinum 5.Have not had a problem since backing up my albums useing this program.

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    I use 'Backup MyPC' by Stomp, go here to read about it:-

    Backup MyPC

    Very easy to use and the data can be stored easily onto any format be it cd-rom, dvd, dat, zip, etc. It also allows you to set up a daily backup, mine normally backs up my computer at 10pm when I'm not there.

    In the download section of the site you can download a 30 day trial and the cracks for it should be available at

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    I use partition mgr. to make temp partitions , i store my data there.

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    if ur talking about backing up ur entire comp and ur on a lan and have space on a hd of a septat comp the best is ghost to do back ups with just make a new image 1 a week or so and if any thing ever happens to ur comp u can just format the hd or replace it if its brock and use ghost to restore it to exactly the way it was when u did the last back up

    ghost now comes with norton utilities

    we use this at work to back up all our comps on a weekly basis so if something gos wrong with some one comp we can set up a new comp for them run a ghost restore and there back up a nd running in an hour or so it will do incrimental back ups too so u dont have too image the whole comp every time

    if all u got is 1 comp u could use it to back up on to a 2nd hd (not a 2nd partion)
    but id use somthing like cdrwin or ezcd creator to back up just my files not the os or apps and then if something gos wrong u just reinstall windows and ur apps then get ur files off the cd back up u made
    HINT when backing up to cd use multi sesion and dont close the cd that way u can wright more files to it the next time u back up

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    Originally posted by I_DONT_SHARE_PORN@28 February 2003 - 11:44
    I use partition mgr. to make temp partitions , i store my data there.
    storeing ur back up on a partion of the same drive is not a good idea if the HD crashs u wont be able to get to it store it on a seprit phisacal HD

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    I always use Drive Image 2002, its always worked for me and IS available here on the Fasttrack network for free. But if yoir talking about a mechanical failure with your drive , then its useless.


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