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Thread: Dvd Creation

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    Consider me an amateur here. I want to be able to download a movie using Kazaa Lite K++ (need to be able to pick the right format), and then do whatever I need to do to it/them--know that I can put more than 1 movie on a DVD to burn a DVD. I have a burner and all kinds of software, including DVD X Copy, DVD X Copy Express, and the Nero Suite. Will someone please point me to a tutorial that will enable me to do this, or take the time to copy and paste some instructions, etc. I have a 2 and 3-year old that want some movies, and Blockbuster just isn't cutting it. Thanks for all help, Kim

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    Maybe this site can help you out a

    It has pretty much everything covered on how to and what needed to convert and burn movies.
    If you want movies to play on a standlone dvd-player you have to make sure the format you dl is mpeg or avi so you can burn them to vcd or svcd.But if you browse trough the site you'll find your answers there(probably even better explained and more detailed than my poor attempt I just gave you )
    Hope it will help you out...if not feel free to post other questions you may have and we'll try to be of as much help as we can.


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    If it's a CD burner you have, not a DVD burner then check out the KVCD guide in my sig below. This will help convert avi files to play through DVD player, provided DVD player is compatible.

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    I think dvd authoring should be pinned, because so many people ask for help again and again. I've answered questions on it at least a dozen times already.


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