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Thread: Busch In 30 Seconds

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    Ran in to this site on the net and thought I share it with you.
    It's a site on wich people could send in there political ad about Bush and his policies.Didn't think this really suited the funny stuff section 'cause it's not really ment to be a joke.Altough there are some funny ads as well.
    Anyway it's nice to see what people come up with and what they think about Bush and his policies.
    So,if you're a little bored or just interested:Bushin30seconds

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    Damn, and i thought it was gonna be a 30 second whirlwind tour of the good-for-a-day-out Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, FL. Busch

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    Yeah i heard about them on the radio, i was gonna check it out but forgot.

    thanks for reminding me

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    I heard on TechTV that they are raising money to put those ads in the superbowl ...

    I hope they can make the 1.6 million

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    Originally posted by Cygnuz-Y@13 January 2004 - 21:36
    I heard on TechTV that they are raising money to put those ads in the superbowl  ...

    I hope they can make the 1.6 million 
    Well, here is when they WILL'll love this:

    "The winning ad "Child's Play" is scheduled to air throughout next week, timed to air before and after President Bush's State of the Union address next Tuesday.

    MoveOn will spend $15 million to buy time on TV stations in "battleground states," where the voting could have swung either way in the 2000 presidential election. The ads will not air in California."

    That is right from today's San Francisco Chronicle front page.

    There may be hope yet to get rid of the fool........let's keep our fingers crossed.


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    Somebody already Posted this up in World News & Events I thought.

    Still it is a good Site.Visted a few days ago.


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