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Thread: Local Filesharing

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    I have 2 computers connected throught a nb1300 adsl modem/router.

    How would i send files between the two computers via the modem??

    without hosting them on a website then downloading the file with the other comp.

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    Hmmm... all i do is right click a folder a want to share, select "sharing..." and thats more or less it. Win2k rules.

    On the other machine, you just browse network neighbourhood and when you select the other rig, the shared folders should come right up. We have 2 win2k's, one XP, and one 98 machine on the network here. The 98 machine has problems - it doesnt let you specify a user name when trying to connect to a folder, but we worked around that by creating an account on the other three that had the 98 rig's Computer name as the user name.


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