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Thread: Media Players

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    Is there any other media player other than VideoLan that will play a bin file ??? Also which is the best player for playing movie files on your T.V. ??

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    well I use videolan, but if its bin/cue you can mount it on a virtual drive and play it with power dvd or similar dvd software

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    I dont want to burn bin files on to cds. I just want to view them on my pc to the tv. I know you can view bin files on vidolan but I cannot get videolan to play on my tv. Is there an other player that can do this ??

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    Mate you'd be better extracting the movie file from the bin with vcdgear then play the mpeg.Or mount the bin with deamon tools & play it as a disc with somthing like power or windvd.

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    Why wouldn't you want to use Videolan?
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    Originally posted by kaiweiler@15 January 2004 - 03:02
    Why wouldn't you want to use Videolan?
    Read the post, he says it doesn't work when trying to watch it on his TV

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    All is well gentleman !! I downloaded the latest version of Videolan 7.0 and it plays like a charm from the P.C to the T.V. Thanks for all of the comments


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