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Thread: World Of Warcraft

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    i'm now downloading Warld Of Warcraft! it's an online game like middle earth onlinge... fu**ing great graphic!!! the install takes about 2 Giga....
    when i'm done i'll post it in the verified...
    to bad it's just the alfa virsion...

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    ...Glass tubes all look alike from the inside.
    Already got it off Bittorrent - it works, but you'll need the hack for it to be able to actually do anything with it.

    I'll PM you the address for the hacksite. last i saw, all you can do is walk around and explore one of the continents. I tried swimming across to the other one, but fell out of the world half way over.

    By the way, that is one helluva deep ocean. I was swimming vertically upwards for what felt like an eternity trying to get back up from the ocean floor. :/
    (before i fell out the bottom, obviously)

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    Try IRCspy.You will find World Of Warcraft there for sure (I have).
    (The site maybe needs some time to load up ... be patient)

    You'll need mIRC to download it.


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