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Thread: Vcd...downloading 2 Disk......

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    I have just download Finding Nemo of Clean KMD. This file is .avi . I tried using windows media player and real one player to open it but it didnt work. I then downloaded divx player i tryed to open in that but it says it doesnt work it needs a codec or sumit. Then i try once again in Winows media player and it suddenly works after i have download divx!

    Now what i want to do is to burn it to VCD.... like turn to mpeg then split into on TMPEG. I think thats the bes way. But when i try converting it only video is played on the converted MPEG file and not the sound. Can any 1 help me with the sound? How come it only does the video.

    Let me know if any 1 can help me!!!



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    I got how-to guides in my signature, you should look into kvcd as you don't have to waste 2 cds, it will fit on 1 B)

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    It might be a software issue. Sometimes TMPEng is only capable of extracting the video portion of a file or it might be that the file is encoded but the media player u r using cant read the audio portion of the file.

    Open up the file in media player and click on File in the left top of the media player window and select properties if there is no info in the audio codec: field then there is no audio portion of the file.

    If this is the case u could try different program such as besweet to extact the audio file and splice it back in using TMPEng.

    If u see an audio codec u need the right codec. Or u could just try burning as a VCD and see if it works in your DVD player. Try the xvid codec.



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