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Thread: Need A Good Ftp Program

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    I am using Cute FTP 1.0 and it's sorta slow, heh. So does anyone know any that are quick and easy to use? what do u recommend?

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    filezilla is a excellent open source ftp client.

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    Here's a good one, and it's freeware to boot. I've been using it for years with NO problems.

    SmartFTP is easy to use even for FTP newbies. I started out on CuteFTP and have used 5 or 6 others but still prefer smartftp.

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    Filezilla is very good ,SmartFTP is the daddy.

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    I've tried a number of them, including the ones that are integrated into programs I have and found that one of the first ones I'd used works the best for me. It's nice, simple and very convenient for transferring. It's called WS_FTP. I used this allot when testing web pages so I was deleting and uploading pages with tons of files at once.


    WS_FTP LE 6.0 free versiion from I used an older version but it should still be a good program.

    WS_FTP Pro 8.02 and other versions from

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    /me uses WS_FTP

    some people I know like Windows Explorer replacement style thingys that have FTP, etc. built in....such as Windows Commander & Directory Opus

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    i like ws_ftp but i prefer smart ftp overall

    it seems a lot less cluttered
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    use WS_FTP PRO

    though it's shareware

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