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Thread: Samsung Sycmaster 955df

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    can anyone tell me why my screen size keeps changing?? when I startup windows the screen size is too high and wide...then after surfing the web for couple of mins the size is small...or the position will be too low...etc. I have the current drivers, and I adjust my monitor settings to fix the size...but then when I fix it, it gets messed up again and the monitor settings remain the same. What is goin on??

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    i also have a samsung monitor, but its a 753df...

    do u mean that when the monitor is first turned on the screen doesnt fit onto teh monitor but after a while (usually about 15 minutes) it expands to the right size? my monitor does this and i havent found a solution for it yet maybe someone knows whats wrong and can help us?

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    yeah, thats exactly what I mean...I adjust the size, but that don't help. anybody else got this prob, or have a solution?

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