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Thread: Usb Game Controller Problem

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    I recently bought madden 04 for my computer to give me a break from playing bf1942 and dc... it wasn't long before i needed a gamepad as playing with the mouse and keyboard on madden sucked.

    so my walmart trip concluded with a cheap (16 dollar) axispad. yes. i knew they sucked before i bought it. but i didn't want to spend 50 bucks for a gamepad that wouldn't get much use.

    it worked fine for about two days then it would stop registering that i even had a gamepad connected to my usb port. i reinstalled the drivers and that didn't work. i unplugged it from the usb port, reset my computer, and then plugged it back in. from then on it would register that i had it for a split second then it would disapear again.

    anything i might be missing or is this thing just a pos and trash bound?


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    well ive had this trouble with usb before, maybe youve done this but try uninstalling the drivers, restarting the comp and using a diff usb pro, uninstall everying! usually you leave 1 thing then when you figure out you like "wow im dumb"


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