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Thread: Cd Burner Drive Will Not Respond

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    After scaning my drive I find an erro message that states " the drive is locked by a disk utility. I have no idea how I locked this drive. but when I go to burn a cd it will not even recognize the drive itself. any help is geatly appreciate.

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    It could be anything... system restore... norton recycle bin... Make sure you dont have any disk utilities monitoring the drive.

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    A few questions that might help the reaching of a verdict:

    - What exactly do you mean by "After scanning my drive"?

    - Have you actually physically got a CD disc in the drive?

    - What CD-Writing software are you using? (Nero Burning ROM, Roxio Easy CD Creator, etc)

    - If it is Nero, is InCD running / if it is Roxio is DirectCD running? (would by in System tray next to clock if so)

    - This may seem daft, but have you re-booted?


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    I m ua Sony Bs Recorder Gold 5. The reason I scan the disk was that I would not figure out what the problem was. this at least told me th drive was locked by a disk utility program. I have even reinstalled the sony softer but it does't recognize my e drive. It looks into the f drive where I have another read only cd. Everything was working fine unitl two nights ago. How could I determine what disk utility was being utilized. tom

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    Where would I look to see if a disk utility was monitoring the drive.

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    If something is monitoring the drive it will be listed in the 'active processes'. Control-alt-delete and see what you have going. You can look up the exe abreviations at a variety of sights if you aren't familiar with them. You'll easily figure out which one it is.

    ooh - forgot to mention. There is a possiblity that the program getting in your way installed an imcompatible driver, so once you figure out which one it is, you may need to uninstall it and reboot.

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    Just a quick note- unplug the drive from inside and plug it back in.

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    Yank: We have lift off. Unplugging did the trick, thanks for the help

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    [COLOR=red] YANK0826: that was so brilliant and so simple.


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